Strategic Consulting for Private Clubs, Destination Resorts and the Golf Industry

Golf Asset Strategists

Golf Asset Strategists

Responding to the challenges facing the golf industry today, Signature Group has embarked on a series of new initiatives designed to enhance brand value and create incremental revenue for owners and operators of golf facilities and private clubs.

At the operating level, Signature Group takes a ‘hands-on approach’ by conducting in-depth Brand Assessments that assist Owners, Management and Board of Directors to objectively assess their brand position amongst their players, members and prospects while providing valuable feedback that will shape the future direction of their facility for generations to come.

Signature Group has created and introduced several new strategies to provide working capital and funding for critical renovation or expansion of Club facilities. Case studies reflecting the success of these unique programs have placed Signature Group in the enviable role of having implemented new solutions designed to retain and recruit new players and members as well as provide a realistic path of action for facilities to afford much needed improvements.

In the words of Tom Stewart, Club President, Stillwater Country Club:
“The Signature Group saved our Club.”