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It cannot be overstated how grateful I am and we are as the CSFA to be in relationship with you and your team. Much of what we’ve achieved as an association over the past year and a half would not be possible without the Signature Group’s tremendous support and dedication to our cause. Besides handling many of the duties our board members are not able to, the ideas and advice you’ve provided are game changers. We highly value working with you as an accomplished, creative leader who doesn’t understand what it means to fail. The energy you exude says all things are possible. When all things are possible, hope is alive, and with hope comes the opportunity to achieve greatness.

Thank you for all that you do, and thank you for all the of the brilliant efforts of your incredibly talented team. Wishing you and the Signature Group continued success.

Kevin B. Caldabaugh, CSFA President

With its insights and understanding of the region’s golfing industry, the Signature Group laid out a viable road map that the Asian Golf Industry Federation is now successfully implementing.

We are grateful to Bruce Lucker and his team for helping the Asian Golf Industry Federation define its vision for the future.

Timothy E. TrinkaPresidentAsian Golf Industry Federation

Like most clubs today, we were faced with some challenges in identifying the extent of support we could expect from our membership for a much needed clubhouse and golf course renovation.   The Signature Group did a great job of helping us to engage our members through their Branding Assessment and then assisting us with the implementation of some very creative financing alternatives.

The Signature Group aided greatly in advising the Board of Directors on each critical decision necessary to implement our $8.1M golf course/clubhouse renovation project.   Their strategy of enhancing the revenue side of the ledger and engagement of the membership added greatly in developing a sound and sellable financial plan.

Tom ChitwoodPast PresidentTulsa Country Club

The Signature Group saved our Club

Tom StewartPast PresidentStillwater Country Club

At Starmount Forest Country Club, we choose the Signature Group to help our club formulate our Master Plan. What we ended up with was a partner for our future success. They helped us brand our club by engaging our members in a series of face to face interviews and meetings. There was no “survey” to send to members. The Signature Group planned and communicated to our members and spent countless hours meeting, hearing and documenting our memberships comments. The Signature Group then provided concise, accurate reports and information for our Board of Directors to review. Signature Group also did a great deal of demographic studies that gave us a very clear picture of our horizons and competition. With their help, we were able to produce a plan that the membership embraced and ultimately lead to campus renovations. Signature Group laid the groundwork for the future of our club and because of their efforts, our future has never been brighter.

Tim MervoshFormer General Manager/COOStarmount Forest Country Club